Digital-first platform redesign and brand refresh
Project Overview
With a focus on traditional broadcast, Marketplace recognized the need to adapt to the changing landscape. With a mission to serve an inclusive audience that included a younger, more diverse population, they needed to relaunch their digital presence with an updated platform and new look.
My Role
  • Creative and design direction with a team of three designers and content strategist
  • Coached designers through client activities like presentations, soliciting feedback, and building consensus amongst stakeholders
  • Designed and delivered updated brand assets and tools to enable client to maintain brand long term
Marketplace came to Clockwork with a big ask. They were a well-oiled machine that produced multiple radio broadcast episodes each day. The focus of their marketing and brand department was all about auditory experiences. But as they examined their mission "to raise the economic intelligence of the country" they recognized the need to reach a younger audience, one that was digital-native and likely didn't listen to the radio as much as their older counterparts. This was a critical need, because as a member-funded organization, their business relied on continuing to reach and stay relevant for younger populations.

When I was brought into the project, Marketplace had already bought into the strategy of rebuilding their website to be a hub for their digital content, enabling a new generation of listeners to have an easier time finding and listen to their content directly on their website.

What the leaders at Marketplace were craving was a new look and feel to match their modern strategy. I worked with the team of two designers and digital strategist to restart the branding and creative process, using their mission and content/tone guidelines as our starting blocks.

We translated brand tenants like “casual conversations, unorthodox stories, and unexpected angles” into visual components that could span multiple channels and would be appealing to a younger and more diverse population. Our process took iterative steps, starting with mood-boards that built into page concepts and then into site themes. We continued to center the audience's experience by running internal focus groups to get feedback on our designs as we built them.
'Minting' a new Marketplace
Giving a 30-year old brand a cohesive facelift.
Other Team Members
Amber James, Content Strategist
Adam Toth, Designer
Carly Nixon, Designer
Sam Gordon, Designer

What started with rebrand of their website turned into a refresh of all of their communication channels, including social, email, app icons, and even merchandise. We established a cohesive look and feel that helped their content become recognizable across channels. We even added an own-able new color to their color palette, dubbed "Marketplace Mint," named after the currency terminology.

New tools for a new brand

An important part of our human-centered process was considering not only Marketplace's listeners, but their employees as well. To help their organization better embrace the new brand, we created tools for their marketing team to produce on-brand content faster across all platforms. With these new tools in hand, they’ve seen increased engagement especially on social media, where their target user acquisition is growing.