Redesigning the web experience for the revisioning of a legacy company
Project Overview
Deluxe built their business on printing pay checks. As their business grew, they started to acquire other services (like web design/hosting, marketing, branded merchandise) that companies could use to grow their businesses. We worked with Deluxe and Mono (a branding company) to relaunch the Deluxe brand and bring together all of these services under one cohesive offering.
My Role
  • Guided Deluxe stakeholders through our delivery process by supporting meetings with executive teams to discuss strategy and project status updates.
  • Coached delivery team through research, user testing, information architecture and web design activities.
  • Ensured delivery team fostered a strong sense of collaboration with Deluxe stakeholders by advocating for transparent and frequent communication, onsite working sessions, and co-creation workshops to align on strategic direction.
Corporate structures can be tricky to navigate, and Deluxe was no different. Their organizational structure created silos around content and services. Our challenge was to find ways to break down those silos and create a cohesive experience that served multiple department's business goals.

At first, our team was outmatched. The lack of alignment within Deluxe left our team spinning on how to make progress. To keep us on track, I partnered with our in-house change strategist, someone who is experienced driving change in complex corporate environments, to coach the team on how to turn their political dysfunction into a design challenge.

We planned and executed multiple multi-day workshops where we grounded a diverse group of leaders from Deluxe in the user needs and business goals of their organization, and then lead design thinking activities to co-create the sitemap, page layouts, and content strategy. This resulted in immediate buy-in from their executive teams during presentations, and armed the Deluxe team with a new perspective on how they could work together internally.

"One Deluxe" was the code-name for the relaunch of this legacy brand. Before our work, users were left to navigate a complex web of sub-brands and hidden services. Once we were complete, users could learn about and navigate to all of the different services that Deluxe had to offer (including their money-making check and payroll services). The Deluxe team also left with a solid foundation to continue to grow their new brand and singular-product vision.
Multiple services offered under one roof
Untangling a complicated web of digital properties into a cohesive customer journey

Other Team Members
Cody Mehlhorn, Designer
Danielle Miller, UX Strategist
Kasey Ross, Change Strategist
Kevin O'Brien, Software Engineer
Laurel Johnson, Software Engineer
Phoebe Hollingsworth, Product Manager